NEPA Training: Process & Documents

NEPA compliance is mandatory for any action having a federal nexus (i.e. authorized, funded, or carried out by a federal agency).

DIPS NEPA course is designed to help professionals effectively draft/complete the three associated NEPA documents. The NEPA course is a 32-hour (4-day) course intended to provide a confident foundation for the student and will provide the student a clear understanding of ways in which the process is executed and decided on by federal agencies.

The course focus areas include Categorical Exclusions (CE), Environmental Assessments (EA), and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). The course will also offer a session on special transportation NEPA documentation processes for the respective state in which the training is held.

The course includes practical exercises that provide hands on opportunities to develop a Purpose & Need, Project Description for the Proposed Action, Environmental Setting and Environmental Consequences and Cumulative Impacts. This course will also illustrate the coordination process with other federal laws and agencies.  View Course Fliers for additional Information. 

Summarily, the student will:

  • Learn the premise of the law
  • Determine what NEPA document is necessary (e.g. CE, EA, EIS)
  • Understand the relevance and development of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Identify the Purpose & Need for a proposed action
  • Identify and analyze alternatives to the proposed action
  • Determine and analyze impacts to environmental resources (e.g. air quality, water and biological resources, environmental justice, etc.)
  • Interrelationship between NEPA and other federal laws (i.e. Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, National Historic Preservation Act, etc.)
  • Determine the scope and extent of cumulative impacts in this NEPA training
  • Develop a technically and legally defensible NEPA document

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We offer three courses that support NEPA compliance (Process and Documentation, Reviewing NEPA Documents, and Managing NEPA Teams and Documents).