NEPA - Project Management & Project Teams

This 3-day course highlights instructing attendees the effectiveness of how to lead teams and how to be effective members by understanding how to control the process of project and plan development.  Attendees will be introduced to various project management professional (PMP) skills such as models on time management, project management, team management, and decision-making methods.  Attendees will learn to frame problems in a way that clearly identifies alternative solutions and develop cause-and-effect models that show actions that impact resources.  View Course Fliers for additional Information. 

Summarily, the students will:

  • Use a model for managing NEPA projects. 
  • Know critical quality control milestones for the NEPA process.
  • Judge the quality and adequacy of a NEPA document.
  • Know how to set resource, time, and quality parameters for NEPA analysis and documentation.
  • Know techniques for communicating with and managing people for efficient NEPA analysis.
  • Know what is important to manage and monitor for one NEPA project, or multiple projects.

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We offer three courses that support NEPA compliance (Process and Documentation, Reviewing NEPA Documents, and Project Management & Project Teams).